Sendas & Veredas is a book collection created in 2000 in order to stimulate and deepen Brazilian research on Nietzsche. It aims at bringing to the Brazilian public important works on Nietzsche’s philosophy, essays on the reception of his ideas within different countries, and texts of other thinkers with whom he was in dialogue. Edited by Scarlett Marton, Sendas & Veredas has published two titles yearly for the past fifteen years, among them seminal works by international researchers such as Wolfgang Müller-Lauter’s Nietzsche, seine Philosophie der Gegensätze und die Gegensätze seiner Philosophie (2011), Patrick Wotling’s Nietzsche et le problème de la civilisation (2013), and Giuliano Campioni’s, Nietzsche e lo spirito latino (2016). Books have also been published that treat the reception of Nietzsche’s thinking in Germany (2005), Latin America (2006), Italy (2007), France (2009) and Spain (2015). Welcoming different interpretative approaches to Nietzsche’s thought, “without concession, exception, or bias,” Sendas & Veredas hopes to enliven new interpretive possibilities.

Editor-in-chief: Scarlett Marton
Editorial Advisors: Antonio Marques (Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal), Diego Sánchez Meca (University of Madrid - UNED, Spain), Ernildo Stein (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), Germán Meléndez (National University of Colombia, Colombia), Giuliano Campioni (University of Pisa, Italy), Gunther Abel (Technical University of Berlin, Germany), José Jara (University of Vaparaíso, Chile), Luis Enrique de Santiago Guervós (University of Málaga, Spain), Mónica B. Cragnolini (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina), Patrick Wotling (University of Reims, France), Paulo Eduardo Arantes (University of São Paulo, Brazil), Rubens Rodrigues Torres Filho (University of São Paulo, Brazil), Werner Stegmaier (University of Greifswald, Germany).