Encontros Nietzsche has been a permanent forum for discussions about Nietzsche’s philosophy since 1996. Organized twice a year (May and September) in different Brazilian states, the meetings welcome our intellectual partners from both national and international academic scenes. In recent years Encontros Nietzsche has fostered discussions of the current state of Nietzsche research. On the occasion of the XXXIII international conference in 2012, GEN welcomed Giuliano Campioni from the Centro Interuniversitario Colli-Montinari di Ricerche su Nietzsche and the Seminario Permanente Nietzscheano, Paul van Tongeren and Hermann Siemens from the Nietzsche Research Group in Njmegen, Tom Bailey and Isabelle Wienand from the Groupe International de Recherches sur Nietzsche (GIRN), Maria João Branco from Nietzsche International Laboratory (NIL), and Mattia Riccardi from the Mind, Language and Action Group (MLAG), along with several Brazilian researchers. Instead of just disclosing the results of already-finished research, participants presented their works-in-progress. Thereby it was possible to assess both past achievements and discover the tasks that lie ahead for Nietzsche scholarship. And that is a guiding principle as GEN continues to organize future conferences.