Cadernos Nietzsche is a unique initiative, comparable only to Nietzsche-Studien in Germany, or, more recently, to Estúdios Nietzsche in Spain. Published every May and September, the journal is evaluated by Qualis score issued by CAPES (Brazil's Ministry of Education Agency for the Improvement of Higher Education) as one of the best philosophical journals in our country. Since its foundation in 1996, Cadernos Nietzsche carries out two basic directives: produce for the Brazilian public highly diverse readings of Nietzsche’s thought, offering an open space for the confrontation of interpretations, and to publicize essays written by Brazilian scholars as well as translations of foreign authors. Cadernos Nietzsche features articles of both well-established researchers and of postgraduate students, thereby encouraging a dialogue between the generations of Nietzsche scholarship. Cadernos Nietzsche has brought for the first time to the Brazilian public authors from Germany, Austria, Italy, France, England, the Netherlands, Portugal, United States, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina and Chile. Among them, Werner Stegmaier, Giuliano Campioni, Patrick Wotling, Paul van Tongeren, Diego Sánchez Meca, Richard Schacht, Andreas Sommer, Mazzino Montinari, and Jörg Salaquarda. For more information, see: